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When there's a need for a child custody assessment in Ontario

One possible contentious issue in a divorce case for couples who have kids is determining who will become their primary guardian. If parents can't agree on child custody, they may need to get the help of an assessor who will provide an Ontario family court judge with a report after his or her findings. Assessors are usually those in helping professions such as social workers, psychologists or psychiatrists, or other mental health experts. 

A family court judge will always make decisions from the standpoint of what is in the best interests of any children involved. So, he or she will take an assessor's opinion to heart when deciding on custody matters. A couple can agree to have an assessor evaluate the situation or a court may appoint an assessor. An assessment can take place before or during a family court case.

If a couple agrees to hire a private assessor, they will have to foot the bill for the assessor themselves. During an assessment, the assessor will speak to both parents individually, the children and others in children's lives like teachers, relatives, doctors and new partners of either parent. He or she will also make observations on the interactions of the children with each parent before finalizing any recommendations regarding child custody.

Child custody issues can get very confusing and complex. When a divorcing client is having issues relating to his or her children, an Ontario lawyer is in a position to clarify how those issues are affected by the law and what a parent can do to help a situation. Enlisting the expertise of an assessor is one such option.

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