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February 2019 Archives

Gender reassignment on minor child a serious family law issue

Gender reassignment is a very real and concerning issue in today's society. Some people in Ontario and worldwide are born into the body of one gender, while emotionally and mentally identifying with the other gender. When this happens to a young person who has expressed a desire to change genders, family law rules can become cloudy, and confusing. Who gets to decide and what if one or both parents don't agree? It's a complex situation.

Divorce of Dragon's Den celebrity raises family law issues

When entrepreneur Robert Herjavec and his wife split, it brought up a number of family law issues. Herjavec is best known for his appearances on television shows "Dragon's Den" and "Shark Tank." The divorce between the Ontario millionaire and his wife of 24 years was difficult with much at stake. By the time the trial over what would happen to his millions of dollars had rolled around, Herjavec had already remarried. 

The reasoning behind marriage agreements in Ontario

More people are getting married later in life. That means when they do eventually tie the knot, they may already have a nice, little nest egg of their own. So, to safeguard their assets, some Ontario couples choose to have marriage agreements in place, and in the 21st century, this in not uncommon.

Family law: New tool will enable courts to help women in danger

Victims of domestic violence may get some relief, thanks to a new project on the horizon. Many women who decide to separate from their partners may find themselves in dire straits and potentially dangerous situations. As much as Ontario family law rules try to protect victims of domestic violence, added programs and education is always needed. Giving family law professionals the tools to help these victims is a step in the right direction.

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