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Divorce of Dragon's Den celebrity raises family law issues

When entrepreneur Robert Herjavec and his wife split, it brought up a number of family law issues. Herjavec is best known for his appearances on television shows "Dragon's Den" and "Shark Tank." The divorce between the Ontario millionaire and his wife of 24 years was difficult with much at stake. By the time the trial over what would happen to his millions of dollars had rolled around, Herjavec had already remarried. 

The family law trial happened four years after the couple had separated and experts had to be called in to ascertain Herjavec's financial worth. The bottom line is that the judge in the case ruled that the findings of these experts actually benefited Herjavec. He hired them to do the job and so the judge did not accept those opinions. 

The experts were far apart in their valuations -- the major point questioned by the judge. She said these experts should conduct their investigations impartially no matter who hired them to do so and that this is a problem in many family law cases. For instance, Herjavec's estimator said his private company shares were worth $24 million, while the evaluator hired by his former wife said those same shares were worth more than $52 million. The judge made the determination they were worth $32 million and said the way to overcome this type of issue is if people jointly hired one expert to do the job.

There are many issues that come with divorce these days, especially when there is much at stake financially. An Ontario lawyer can advise and guide his or her client on how to best go about coming to a divorce settlement. There are many family law tools available to Ontario residents to help them iron out difficult areas and a lawyer can recommend the best approach to take.

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