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Gender reassignment on minor child a serious family law issue

Gender reassignment is a very real and concerning issue in today's society. Some people in Ontario and worldwide are born into the body of one gender, while emotionally and mentally identifying with the other gender. When this happens to a young person who has expressed a desire to change genders, family law rules can become cloudy, and confusing. Who gets to decide and what if one or both parents don't agree? It's a complex situation.

There is a case in the country now that raises these questions. A child was born into the body of a female, but identifies as male, and the child's mother, along with a gender reassignment clinic and the child -- who is 14 -- wish to start testosterone treatments. The child's father, on the other hand, thinks everything is moving too quickly. In this case, where is the fine line between parental rights and the age of the child to make such serious medical decisions? The law will always favour what is in the best interests of the child, but who decides that?

The hospital insists it is the child's decision to make without interference from anyone or anything. But the child's father doesn't agree and filed an application in family court to halt any treatments for the child. He and the child's mother are separated, but he maintains he is just doing what he feels is best for the child. A family court judge adjourned the case until the child's mother finds legal representation.

These types of incredibly complex issues need the guidance and advice of an Ontario family law lawyer. There are many variables on both sides of the fence and a lawyer will be able to help with the legalities of such cases. A lawyer will always act in what he or she believes is in the best interest of the client, and consistent with the best interests of the child, in each individual case.

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