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March 2019 Archives

Ontario family law: What about the house when unmarrieds split?

Some couples who are living in a common law union are unaware of what exactly would happen if they separated. Under the Ontario Family Law Act common law spouses aren't privy to the same rules as their married counterparts are. For instance, legislation in the province doesn't exist when it comes to property sharing for unmarried couples who live together and who separate. 

Family law: When one partner declares bankruptcy

These are difficult economic times for many people. Some Ontario residents have problems making ends meet and when debt becomes overwhelming, the most sensible road to take involves bankruptcy. Family law stipulates that when one partner declares bankruptcy, the other is on the hook if some of those debts are shared.  If signatures appear on some of those debts -- like a credit card in both names -- both partners are responsible.

Ontario family law: When one parent keep kids from another

There may be a definite reason a couple divorces. There may be a myriad of reasons, actually, so when there are many negative emotions in the crossfire, children can be unwitting targets of their parents' consternation toward each other. Family law in Ontario makes it clear that when one parent won't allow the other to see his or her child, there are consequences, especially if a court order is being obstructed. 

Divorce in Ontario: What singles want family, friends to know

It's no great surprise that a marital breakdown changes the family dynamic. Divorce affects everyday life, not only of the couple, but of any children that were born to them. Divorced and single parents in Ontario go through a lot and there are times when these parents believe they always have to be strong and put on brave faces in front of their family members and friends. Many of these individuals would love their families and friends to understand a few of the things with which they must contend on a daily basis; things that others may not realize and which could make it easier for them.

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