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Ontario family law: When one parent keep kids from another

There may be a definite reason a couple divorces. There may be a myriad of reasons, actually, so when there are many negative emotions in the crossfire, children can be unwitting targets of their parents' consternation toward each other. Family law in Ontario makes it clear that when one parent won't allow the other to see his or her child, there are consequences, especially if a court order is being obstructed. 

Parents who are kept from seeing their children should take well-documented notes regarding visits that were missed -- notes that are detailed including exacts dates and times and any efforts to make up missed visits. If the parent has tried to talk to his or her former spouse about why he or she is being kept from seeing the children and has not received a rational answer, the estranged parent could try to find answers from friends of relatives. If that fails, the individual could seek legal advice.

Legal professionals have training in mediation and arbitration, These processes are, for the most part, less financially taxing than heading to court. Negotiations take place in private and that may ease the stress of the situation. If there is just no communication with a former spouse regarding the children, these methods won't likely work and litigation may be the only alternative.

In any case, an Ontario family law lawyer will be able to provide some guidance to a client in such situations. If a court order is not being enforced, a lawyer will guide his or her client through the court process. In addition, a lawyer can pursue formal applications in court regarding access to children if need be. 



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