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Family law: New tool will enable courts to help women in danger

Victims of domestic violence may get some relief, thanks to a new project on the horizon. Many women who decide to separate from their partners may find themselves in dire straits and potentially dangerous situations. As much as Ontario family law rules try to protect victims of domestic violence, added programs and education is always needed. Giving family law professionals the tools to help these victims is a step in the right direction.

Family law: What to do when spousal support isn't being paid

When a former spouse agrees to pay spousal support and then reneges, it can be frustrating and may create financial hardship. But family law rules in Ontario dictate that there are things that can be done to try to enforce an order, but only under certain conditions. It can be rather tricky if either party has moved out of the area in which the order was granted.

Ontario family law: Common law couples and sharing of pensions

People work hard to establish a solid pension. In the event of divorce, however, family law in Ontario has certain rules when it comes to the sharing of those pension funds. When it comes to federal pension plan funds, much depends on whether the couple was married or in a common law union. Common law couples can apply to have Canada Pension Plan (CPP) funds divided as long as the couple had been living together for at least a year.

Family law in Ontario: Leaving an abusive relationship

No one deserves to be abused, nor should they be expected to stay in an abusive relationship. There are steps to take under family law in Ontario to leave such a relationship and get a court order to allow a judge to make some decisions about the situation. If abuse is part of the problem, getting a temporary order for protection of self, children and financial rights may be the first place to begin.

Family law: Preparing for a continuing record

Getting divorced involves a lot of paperwork. Family law rules in Ontario stipulate that every document connected to individual cases have to be kept in a continuing record for that case. It allows the judge to get easy access to any information he or she may need in making any decisions. 

Ontario family law: FOMO is a new feeling fuelled by social media

FOMO parenting is apparently a real thing. FOMO or fear of missing out, is impacted by social media sites like Facebook. Parents begin to track the familial photos of their friends and family members on such social media sites and try to keep up. Although family law in Ontario always has the best interests of children at heart, this kind of social media frenzy becomes like a parental competition as to who is the best parent, who spends the most time with their kids, and ultimately someone begins to have that new FOMO feeling. 

Ontario family law: How separation affects financial obligations

When a couple separates, there are still financial obligations to be met. Under family law in Ontario, even if a couple is separated but not divorced, assets have to be considered. Federal rules govern issues surrounding support while property issues come under the provincial umbrella. Income that stems from a business is also up for consideration when figuring the division of assets.

Family lawyers prefer mediation to settle separation disputes

Family lawyers in Ontario overwhelmingly prefer to use mediation to resolve disputes between separating couples, says a Canadian Forum on Civil Justice survey. Mediation is often less expensive, faster, and less contentious for couples working their way through a separation or divorce. The Canadian Research Institute for the Law and the Family surveyed 160 lawyers in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario about family dispute resolution. They found over 89 per cent of Ontario lawyers used mediation to resolve family law disputes. This was more than in any other province.

Understanding Ontario family law

Many people don't consider family law until they are faced with a relationship issue, such as a divorce or custody dispute. However, it is a good idea for Ontario individuals and families to have an understanding of what family law encompasses. This can help them protect themselves with pre-planning and help them ask the right questions should an issue emerge.

Family law: Valid reasons for modification of child support

As life progresses after a separation or divorce, Ontario parents who are responsible for paying child support may find it necessary to end or change that obligation. Under family law, changes to court-ordered child support are allowed. Although an income change is not typically regarded as legal grounds for such an adjustment, several other reasons may justify a motion for child support modification.

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