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Child custody: What are the options for access arrangements?

When Ontario parents divorce, there are different options when it comes to access. Parents who can keep their relationship amicable may agree to reasonable access. This will allow them to make informal arrangements for child custody that could be modified to suit changing circumstances. If their relationship does not allow this, the more formal option of fixed access may be ordered.

New study confirms shared child custody benefits all

No matter the way one looks at divorce, young children will always have a hard time adjusting to the altered circumstances. The changes in their primary support systems typically bring about anxiety, which also affects the parents who try to work out child custody arrangements that will least affect the children. A new international study recently confirmed what Ontario authorities in child-related matters already knew -- spending equal amounts of time with both parents promotes the best outcome when it comes to the mental health of children of divorce.

Unusual lifestyle arrangements in Ontario child custody

It's come to be known as bird-nesting when a divorced couple decide that their children should remain in the family home while each ex-spouse alternates living there as well. Well-intentioned parents who feel that the marriage may be over but the family isn't may choose nesting as a way to acclimatize the children to divorce realities. Ontario courts would likely award joint child custody in a nesting agreement geared towards providing stability to the children of divorced parents.

Relocating children may pose dilemma in Ontario child custody

Children don't come into the world with manuals outlining their needs and instructions on how to care for them. Parenting is a continuous learning experience, particularly when life's changing fortunes challenge Ontario divorced couples to prioritize their child's needs. When child custody has been awarded, each parent takes on a legal status as either custodial parent or access parent.

When feelings are ignored, a child custody fight can become ugly

Family law issues are not restricted to people getting divorced. However, even in the absence of bitter, post-separation emotions, non-divorce squabbles can turn just as sour. In a child custody case tried in Ontario, one woman showed just how far some people will go to win a fight.

Ontario child custody case being sent back to Egypt

When an effort to try and settle parenting arrangements ends up going to court, the proceedings are not always pleasant. Unfortunately, some child custody cases do need to be litigated due to the particulars of the situation, especially if the welfare of the child may be in jeopardy. In an international case that recently came before an Ontario judge, however, those particulars were not recognized.

Celebrity child custody dispute turns ugly; child abuse alleged

Though many people follow the lives of celebrities as if their trials and tribulations were meant solely for entertainment, the truth is they are human beings, too. Many of the issues they deal with differ little from the ones everyday people handle as well. By way of example, a famous singer with an Ontario connection and his actress ex-wife are currently embroiled in a bitter child custody dispute, and it's the kind of situation that happens to many divorced parents.

Child custody and access: Setting parental visitation parameters

When parents get divorced, there are many difficult decisions to be made. Perhaps the most difficult, and the most contested, decisions are those that concern child custody arrangements. It may often seen that arriving at one set of agreements only opens up a new area of concern to be dealt with. Case in point: determining access after sole custody has been granted.

Child custody battles can lead to parental alienation

Generally speaking, two adults who choose to divorce in Ontario have entered willingly into the process. The same cannot be said for any children who may be involved. Divorce is hard on children, and child custody decisions should be made with the best interests of the children at heart. While it is always hoped that such choices can be made in a cooperative manner, this isn't always the case, and some parents will attempt to push their own agenda.

Child custody dispute leads to nationwide alert for missing girl

Disputes during or after a divorce are not unusual. Child custody issues, in particular, can often lead to bitter arguments in court, or in a law office. In rare cases, things can get nearly out of hand, as was the case with a mother who ended up being arrested for abduction in southern Ontario recently.

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