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Cohabitation agreements are building blocks for Ontario couples

Canada is a vast country which extends "from coast to coast to coast." Provincial laws, as a result, can vary widely from province to province, and from territory to province. This includes how each part of the federation views unmarried couples and their rights and obligations toward each other when they decide to dissolve their living arrangements. In such cases, cohabitation agreements can provide a reassuring foundation for moving forward in an amicable and cooperative spirit.

Couples may consider cohabitation agreements for legal protection

Statistics in Canada indicate that more than ever, couples are opting to live together without getting married for longer periods of time. Some couples even choose to forgo marriage altogether. However, people who decide to commit to a long-term relationship may want to think about devising cohabitation agreements to protect their individual rights in the event of a separation.

Your property rights in a common law relationship

A common law relationship is when two people are not married, but they are still in a relationship and they live together. This is also sometimes referred to as cohabiting. Either way, it's very important to know what rights you have in a relationship like this, as they are not always the same as the rights you'd get if you were married, even if you have been together for years.

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