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Ontario divorce a life-altering decision for both men and women

Sometimes statistics don't get it quite right. In the recent past, there have been reports that women, more often than men, commence divorce proceedings. Of the two-thirds of married couples who opt for divorce, 69 per cent are initiated by women. The research suggests this dynamic may only be true of couples who are formally married and excludes those who, like many Ontario couples, are living together and for whom legal divorce is not an option.

Understanding excluded property laws can help in divorce

Family law in Ontario regard a marriage as an equal partnership between spouses. When married couples decide to divorce, each spouse's net family property is calculated and compared before a decision about a possible equalization payment is made. At the time of the couple's separation, the assets each party brought into the marriage -- excluding the matrimonial home -- will be taken out after debts and liabilities have been deducted. Each spouse can then receive 50 percent of the marital property along with his or her personal assets and any excluded property.

What happens upon separation after marriage or cohabitation?

When common-law relationships or marriages end in Ontario, there is typically an extended period of living apart before the final divorce. It is important for spouses to sit down and discuss important issues that will be affected by their separation. Life goes on, and two homes instead of one may have to be run while parenting arrangements will be necessary if there are children.

Requirements for getting a divorce in Ontario

When an Ontario person considers ending his or her marriage, it might be wise to explore the requirements prior to starting the process. The criteria that must be met before the court will grant a divorce include the need for the couple to have been married under Canada laws or those of another country -- as long as the marriage is recognised under Canada laws. One of the parties must have been residents of Ontario for at least 12 months before filing for divorce, and he or she must also show that there has been a breakdown of the marriage.

Divorce over money disputes prevalent in Ontario

Marriage and business have many similarities. As in business, financial matters in marriages play an important role, and if the partners fail to be open about money matters, problems may arise. Sadly, money is cited as the source of contention in many Ontario marriages that end in divorce.

Divorce selfies: making a case for a civilized split in Ontario

For many adults, the only exposure they ever had to a marriage ending was what they saw on a daytime soap opera. On TV, battling spouses slugged it out in a courtroom with tears flying and tempers spilling over. Though sometimes a divorce can get ugly, most divorces in Ontario are nothing like that at all. In fact, some former couples even stop to take a selfie after the deed is done.

How parents handle a divorce may affect the health of their kids

Any conscientious parent is aware that how a parent behaves has an impact on a child's emotional well-being. This is especially the case during times of great stress, such as during a divorce. A new study reveals that children of divorce may also suffer physically. Though the study focused on kids in another country, the results are almost certainly applicable here in Oshawa.

Understanding divorce arbitration in Ontario

Many people grew up hearing stories or watching television programs in which a husband and wife slug it out alongside their lawyers in a courtroom battle. As a result, this image essentially defines divorce for those who have not been through it. The truth is, there are many options available to men and women in Ontario seeking to end their marriages other than going to court. One of those options is arbitration, though the process may not be a familiar one.

Baby boomers are avoiding divorce by not getting married

A classic joke that probably dates back to the days of vaudeville has a patient telling a doctor, "It hurts when I do this." The doctor sagely responds, "Then don't do that!" Perhaps that sums up the approach of many baby boomers that seem so intent on not getting a divorce that they're not getting married at all, at least in later life. Not getting married, however, does not mean never having to deal with an Ontario family law issue.

During a divorce, the marital home may have to go

For most married couples in Ontario, their home is their most valuable asset. It may also be the most problematic during a divorce. Deciding who, if anyone will keep the home can become a contentious issue where hearts battle with heads to make a very important decision. So key is the marital home, a niche industry has sprung up to support those who choose to sell.

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