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Ontario grandparents have rights after a divorce

A popular saying tells parents everywhere that it takes a village to raise a child. While the literal meaning may no longer hold true in modern society, certainly parents are not the only ones who can have a nurturing relationship with a child. As people live longer, and as more families include two working parents, grandparents often play an important role in raising children. Unfortunately, many grandparents are left out of the plans after a divorce in Ontario, though that may soon change.

Self-representation may have led to unworkable divorce settlement

The financial cost of ending a marriage can be high sometimes. It is difficult to blame a person for looking for ways to curb the expenses of a divorce. One unfortunate man from the Oshawa area has been saddled with a support obligation that is the stuff of nightmares, and his decision to cut costs may have been partially to blame.

Financial considerations of divorce after a long separation

Just because a married couple has gone through the necessary steps to get a separation doesn't necessarily mean they are ready to take the next step and formally end the union. There are numerous financial aspects worth considering before filing for a divorce. This is true no matter how much time has passed since a physical separation. 

Division of major assets during a divorce in Ontario

A person's life after the end of a marriage may look very different than it once did. Divorce changes more than just marital status; the money coming in, the things surrounding a person, maybe even the home one lives in, may all have changed. In order to begin preparing for a new life, it may be helpful to have some understanding of what will happen to some of the key assets in a marriage.

Important financial tips for divorce in Oshawa

There can be no doubting that money plays a major role in almost every person's life. Whether one is living comfortably, or is of more modest means, finances factor into nearly every major decision, including divorce. For anyone in Oshawa considering divorce, or about to go through one, here are some helpful tips for minding the money and staying solvent.

During a divorce, all assets should be declared

In all cases, honesty is the best policy. However, there are some times when it may appear as if a lie of omission might actually be the better way to proceed. For example, a person going through a divorce may feel compelled to withhold some of his or her assets in order to ensure a more secure financial outlook. Is this a viable option in Ontario?

Tips for avoiding financial mistakes during a divorce

Sometimes a marriage loses steam and two people choose to end their time together. In doing so, however, it may be that neither party really understands what life apart will be like. The financial implications of divorce, in particular, catch many men and women off guard. Perhaps by following a few of the following tips, others may be able to stave off financial misfortune.

Be careful arguing over pets during a divorce, judge warns

When two people choose to end a marriage, they have begun what can be a very long process. Even couples without children have many details that need to be settled during the divorce. For example, everything accumulated during the relationship needs to be divided between the two parties, from homes and cars all the way down to knick-knacks and cutlery. And for some people, difficult decisions must be made about pets; one judge from west of Ontario is recommending they be made outside the courtroom. 

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