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Know how property value is determined and how property is divided

In our prior blog post, we discussed how the marital home is one of the biggest considerations when a couple is going through a divorce. There are many different considerations that the couple has to consider when they are dividing up their assets and debts. These include the value of the assets and the cost of the debts. It can also include how the value of assets changed from the date of the marriage to the date of the separation.

The marital home is often a source of contention in divorce

The property division process is a contentious one that can make divorce a very difficult experience. One of the assets that some couples often have to decide what to do with is the marital home. This is often the largest asset the couple has. Deciding what to do with the home is something that takes a lot of thought.

Common divorce regrets

It can be difficult to focus on the long-term when you're in the middle of a divorce. However, living too much in the moment and letting your emotions take over can lead to poor decisions. Here are three of the most common divorce regrets and how to avoid having them.

Tips for dealing with the family home in a divorce

When Ontario couples divorce, the largest single asset that they need to deal with in their settlement is usually their home. Despite the range of negative emotions that many estranged couples have about each other, it's important to be able to make smart decisions, often together, about what to do with the family home.

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